Fri. May 14th, 2021
Guide in selecting the right air purifier

Are you entering the market to shop for an air purifier? Nowadays, people are concerned about the home air quality that gets polluted with toxic substances. For this purpose, it is good to buy an air purifier that can help you inhale good quality air. But looking for an air purifier is like finding a needle in rice. It’s because the market is loaded with different brands, models, functions, and others. So, it’s crucial to pay attention and use some guidelines to help you select the right air purifier. In the first thing, one must look at the ratings of ACH and filtration using HEPA technology. If you want to avail the maximum benefits of using an air purifier, then choose the one by keeping in mind the following things:

HEPA filtration

When planning to enhance your home air quality, you won’t like any compromise in buying the air purifier. Many options are available in the market that holds “similar to HEPA” or “filters based on HEPA,” but that’s not what you should pick out! You can search for the air purifier that is using HEPA filtration. With such filters, one can reap maximum efficiency since it is also suitable for eliminating pathogens in minute size.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Another mandatory thing one should keep in mind while buying an air purifier is CADR. It denotes the speed of air cleaning for specific room size. With this, one can learn about the rate of pollen particles, dust, or smoke filtration. Pollen particles are about 5-10 microns, dust particles are about 0.5-3 microns, and tiny smoke particles are about 0.1- 0.3 microns. With a higher CADR, one can consider an air purifier to be a better option to purify air quality fast.

Level of Noise

In several air quality purifiers, the HEPA Filtration generates noise ranging between 35-70 decibels. The level of noise relies upon the settings in the cleaner’s operation mechanism. If you want to prevent noise disruptions, then go for air purifier options that work effectively with low noise.

Emission of ozone

In many air purifier models, the filters result in the emission of ozone. In such a case, it won’t be a good option for your health. With the ozone gas inhale, a human body starts facing problems in respiration. So, it’s always essential to stay alarmed and be aware of such cleaners in the market. You need to buy an air purifier that enhances air quality and not mix it up with dangerous gases.

ACH (Air Change per Hour) Rating

With the ACH rating, one can learn about the per hour times the air volume is processed with filtration in the room. You are thinking about how to check the ACH rating to find the best air purifier? For this purpose, one needs to look for air purifiers comprising high ACH rating since it shows a higher efficiency. Are you suffering from asthma condition or allergy-prone? If so, then you must look at the ACH rating to be 4x/5x. With this rating, you can make sure that the indoor filtration works at high speed.

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