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Toys R US’ Nabi Android Tablet for Kids


Toys R US Nabi Android Tablet 300x205 Toys R US Nabi Android Tablet for Kids

Toys R US, the US toy retailer launched new friendly android tablet for kids. The Nabi Android kids Tablet doesn’t have high specification but it is designed with the style for kids.

Toys R US Nabi is a 7-inch touch-screen tablet feature with a 533MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, 4GB memory, and front facing camera. It also comes with wifi support and able to capture video with 1080p HD quality.This specification is quite common, because it was a tablet for kids aged 6 years and over.


The Nabi Android Kids Tablet come out with offers fun browsing and entertainment such as reading books and watching TV. Applictaions Store with more than 500 applications ready for download that specially created for them. Something very interesting from this tablet from this kids tablet is Design Studio, that a portal for kids to access 30 drawing and coloring applications. Adult also can enjoy with this tablet through ‘Mommy Mode’. The Nabi Kids Tablet is available with price for US$200.

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