The Use Of Badge Lanyards

Brilliance With Style

Badge lanyards bring color and add style to plain company uniforms. When lanyards are worn over the usual white top and black bottom uniforms, people will surely be drawn to look at your company’s name written in boldface on your badge lanyard. Badge lanyards are best for those who are looking for a subtle way to advertise their company or show off their school logo. This is the best way to let people know what you represent.

This brilliant way of holding identification cards comes in different colors and styles. Not only are badge lanyards fashionable, but they are also user-friendly. Using lanyards for company identification cards are fast and easy. Click this website for more details about lanyards. All you need to do is put the lanyard around your neck. There is no longer any need for clips and pins that only damage the day’s outfit. They are not only easy to wear but they are also durable and will not be easily misplaced.

Badge Lanyards

However, lanyards are not only for schools or offices. Their function is not only to hold identification cards anymore. Nowadays, with the rise of technology, lanyards are in demand as holders of gadgets such as external flash drives and cellphones. With this function, lanyards help keep gadgets secure and intact. So they are not only for groups but also for the techie individual. They are also customizable so you can wear your IDs, gadgets, and whatnots in your own style.

Styles To Choose From

With many companies now opting for customized lanyards, lanyard companies are also offering a wide array of choices. Badge lanyards are sold in a variety of color and style. Not only that, lanyards are also made of different materials and prices may vary according to the material of your choice. Lanyards are usually sold blank but you have the option to have your company name printed on them.

Here are some of the most commonly used lanyards you can choose from:

Standard nylon lanyards are the most basic type of lanyards. When it comes to style, they offer a basic appearance, however, they are easy on the pocket. They come in wide varieties such as wide flat braid, round braid, tub-o-lanyards, flat braid and adjustable strap.

Breakaway & safety lanyards are used for security purposes. They have a feature of quick-release clasp in case of any emergencies. They come in reflective safety, anti-microbial, round braid breakaway, round braid no-flip, and wide flat braid breakaway types.

Custom lanyards are the best option. You can design them the way you want using your choice of color, logo, and company name. With this type of lanyard, you have the freedom to choose what best suits you.

Pre-printed lanyards are sold with standard texts. They can be used in events promoting a cause or as identification cards for company visitors. Some lanyard companies already have pre-printed texts for your convenience.

Neck chain lanyards are not your usual lanyards. They come in a lightweight plastic or steel material. With this design, you can be fashionable because you can choose the color of the beads you want to use.

Specialty lanyards are not only for identification cards. You can connect your external flash drive, cellphones, or other gadgets to this lanyard. Of course, their use is not limited to gadgets only. They can also be used to hang a whistle or keys. This type of lanyards usually come with a detachable holder.

The most important factor to consider when you buy lanyards is the price. Prices vary depending on the type of material, the width of the material, and other options you want such as attachments. Look for a company that can best cater to your needs. Companies offer discount prices when lanyards are ordered in bulk so wholesale lanyards are always the best choice.

Say goodbye to pins, clips, and ordinary cords. Switch from the traditional options to badge lanyards now!