What Makes Moveablecontainer Better than Other Storage Container Services

We at Moveable Container Storage are highly competitive when it comes to offering the best rental services and rental fleet to its customers, whether it is for a short term or a long term service. We offer residential, commercial, construction and mobile offices storage solutions depending on your preferred storage needs. There are multiple varieties of sizes, customizations and configurations available and provided to enhance your every storage desires. With containers made of 12 gauges corrugated steel, a reinforced base and marine wood plank flooring, these containers are sure enough to secure your products, merchandise, and other usage one is planning to use with the containers.

We also provide our customers the option to decide whether they want to have a high security lock box on the 2 swing doors of one end of the container for additional protection. The storage container may be retired shipping containers but we always do make sure that they are leak proof, wind and water resistant to be exact, just before delivery so we can provide the needed confidence that all the consumers need during periods of shipment.
storage-containerWhether one is remodeling a house, moving out, handling domestic goods, expanding the business, renovating the office, or just needs an extra space for inventory, we always commit to try our best to attend and concentrate on what your storage necessities are. We always make it suitable for every customer by converting our containers to their own requirements so we can prosper in gratifying their every storing need. We may be able to provide the proper customizations and allow customers to modify their own containers; however this only works for purchased containers and despondently, we do not allow any alterations while the container is on rent. Nonetheless, one may be permitted to do so if they decide to purchase the container instead.

The storage container variants we offer are simply manageable, and not to mention, very cost effective, making sure to fit your budget into the space optimization that you need.

The delivery process is done by a Tilt-back truck and the containers are then delivered right at your doorstep, or to wherever you need your portable storage to be located at. After that, we require a minimum of 4 days’ notice in order to have the containers picked up from your location, providing you a number of specified days for you to move your items inside the containers. While these containers are anatomically rigorous sufficient to be loaded and stacked, unfortunately, we are only allowed to move empty storages from one place to another. In addition, delivering and stacking them to the customer’s location are currently impossible. We provide on-site services only, allowing each customer to have the container for a certain time period as they wish and will be picked up once they are done using it.

These containers are considered to be retired shipping containers and exact dimensions of each vary upon their sizes. Available container sizes are 20 ft, 40 ft, 40 ft High cube, and 45 ft in length and may weigh from 4,850 lbs to 10,350 lbs. Heights are between the range of 8.6’ to 9.6’ tall, and are 8 feet wide equally. They come in several diverse colors like beige, dark brown and red-oxide. The customer may be able to choose any color but it only depends upon the availability during confirmation prior to delivery.

Depending on every state’s rules and regulations, a permit may or may not be required to have any storage container in your property. It is always wise to check first before deciding to purchase or renting one. For prices and quotes on your preferred storage container, you may easily click on the quote button on our website and we will get back to you in no time. It is even possible to rent for a storage unit first, and then purchase it later just in case you want to try our services first.

So why choose Moveable Container Storage? Above are the summarized lists of what we are willing to offer and make your life more convenient when it comes to your storage needs. If there is one thing that we guarantee our customers for, it is that we always take pride in providing each client with the finest personalized services, whether for household or commercial purposes. Our wide-ranging system and attendance makes it promising for us to reach most locations and deliver every buyer with high quality products. We enable them to stock their entire luggage without exposing them to volatile weather conditions, thereby protecting all their goods from possible wind and water damages.

Let us serve you efficiently by letting us provide instant and affordable services and appropriate solutions with our multipurpose storage units that you require most. Get to know more about our services by contacting us and checking us online on our website.