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Ricoh CX6 300x209 Ricoh CX6 Digital Camera

Ricoh CX6 Camera is a new Digital Camera by Ricoh, Japanese Vendor that stand up with quickly auto focus system. The Ricoh CX6 claimed has 0.1 seconds of speed for its fokus system. This pocket camera feature with 10.7x optical zoom lens and New quick AFs System. With this new system, Ricoh increase hardware ability and software of AF system in previously that is CX5. Beside the speed increased, Ricoh CX 6 also comes with 1.7 times brighter than CX5. The LCD also auto to determines brightness according the condition that become one of excellence of this pocket camera.

Like with other similiar pocket camera, Ricoh CX6 has Aprture mode and Shutter Priority. The snap movie also provided to easier user in record movie. Release button also added, as well as other functions like auto focus and zoom for movie shooting.

It use 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor that provide photo remain good in minimal light conditions. The Zooms lens for 10.7x or equal to 28-300 mm and an image stabilizer that allow users shoot objects in the distance. Hybrid AF System become CX6 excellence would also work well in the use of wide-angle 28 mm and 300 mm telephoto.

Ricoh CX6 Digital Camera will available in December 2011 with a choice of black, silver and pink with price at £ 259.99

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Ricoh CX6 Digital Camera

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