Advantages Of Custom Patches As Marketing Campaign Material

People usually overlook custom patches when it comes to expressing messages as a form of marketing campaign. On the contrary to what many believe, they can actually be useful in many ways. By simply opting to them, you can see a proof of their efficiency. Lots of different organizations understand the various purposes of using a patch. Among the ones that are widely known for utilizing them are adventure groups, emergency services and the military.

Iron-On-PatchesIt is not difficult to place your patch on any of your garments. You have many options to choose from. There are lots of modern methods of patch attachment such as Velcro and iron-on backings which eliminates the hassle of traditional ways like sewing. More and more companies and groups are now resorting to custom patches for an effective marketing campaign material.

Let’s review the main reasons why people choose them.


You should be glad to know that you do not have to purchase a garment simply to have your design embroidered. Just have it on a patch and attach it on your garment. There is also no need to worry about ruining your patch while washing your garments. You can simply apply industrial laundering anytime. Additionally, most backing options can allow you to remove it without the risk of ruining your clothes. This can allow you to place it to other garments.


There is no limit to the customization that can be done on patches. You can choose from lots of sizes and shapes. You can also opt for colors that can make them noticeable. There are types of patches that can relay your message just the way you like. The types of threads should also be considered as they have an important role in turning each patch into an effective material for branding or marketing campaigns. It is surely possible to create a unique and highly noticeable design for your company or organization. There are also lots of specialists in patch designing that would be glad to help you.


Compared to direct embroidery, a custom embroidered patch is far more cost effective. You can save up to 30 percent of the cost by simply opting for a custom patch instead of having your design directly embroidered to your garment. The reduced manufacturing costs can be the best option for you especially when you are working on a budget.


You can expect a patch to be highly durable. You will not be able to see any change on its appearance even after plenty of cleaning and drying cycles. It can also withstand being used on hospitals, healthcare facilities, industrial areas and other active environments.


A patch can be applied to a lot of different items such as caps, jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants and on almost all kinds of clothing. Since you won’t have any hassle on applying a patch on various forms of garments, it could be the most preferable option for you.


If your establishment, company or organization is aiming to create and improve an image, then you can consider taking advantage of the custom embroidered patch’s efficiency on serving as collectors’ items. Numerous people have already tapped on this ideal and highly effective branding strategy which is why these custom patches have already become popular on this purpose. In the long run, you will be able to witness that this kind of move can be so beneficial for your brand.


It is easy to stand out from the crowd if you have the right type of design. The level of creativity you can apply on a custom patch must never be underestimated since there is a wide range of colors and styles you can opt for, enabling you to design a unique and noticeable patch.

If you are looking to build and establish your brand, this is one of the best options you have. This is also among the least costly choice so wait no longer and start finding the best store you can purchase from.